If your baby has just started solid foods, you’ll probably be wondering how much you should be feeding your baby.

Just ask your baby! Babies are born with a brilliant system which regulates how much food they need – they eat when they are hungry, and till they are full! Simple.

I’m Full!

Signs to look out for to know your baby is full:

What You Need To Do

Respect the wisdom of your baby’s body. Your baby has its own appetite, just like we do. Do not force-feed your baby or develop a tendency of overeating. At first, babies will only eat a spoonful or two, and in the meanwhile, breast milk is providing sufficient nutrition. Do not insist on feeding a particular quantity for fear of malnutrition. There will also be days when your baby eats more than usual, and less on days of teething or other discomfort. Just go with the flow.

Baby Food