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  1. Introduction
    The terms and conditions of this agreement apply to the purchase of products from the Website. www.babynaturafood.com Operated by NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED and its subsidiaries. Which deals with you (Here in after referred to as “Website” under these Terms. Please read the following terms carefully. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPTS THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS please avoid or disable the site. By accessing this site or by visiting any of the pages of this site. This Agreement constitutes your acceptance of the legal obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions. This includes the privacy policies that apply to NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED and its users.

  2. Various information on website and product description.
    Although we make every effort to make the information. On our site, the most updated. The content providers cannot be shown or guaranteed. Whether it is an expression. Indicate legal implications for the accuracy, completeness or reliability of information, opinions, price information, research data and / or content contained within the site. (Including but not limited to any information that may be provided by third parties. Or content providers) and shall not be bound by any information contained on the Website.

    NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED reserves the right to make changes to any part of the site or to terminate the service without prior notice. Information and any elements. On this site the purpose is to provide information to the general consumer. No part of the information is intended to provide advice. And do not have any commercial purposes. You and Company use the information on our website at your own risk. If you find an error or lack of information on our website please let us know.

  3. Trademarks and Copyrights.
    NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED, the copyright owner trademark the names, symbols, and other service marks appearing on this website (collectively “Trademarks”) are both registered and unregistered. The content on this site does not imply permission or permission to use the Trademark without the written consent of NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED.

  4. Links to other websites.
    NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED’s website may be linked to another site. To facilitate the user. However, these links are beyond the control of NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED.co.th and do not endorse any content. On those sites to visit or use links to other websites. It is your risk. When you visit other websites you should read the terms and conditions of the linked website before accessing those web sites. We do not allow you to make links from your own site to link to those sites without prior written permission from NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED. If you want to make a link to your site Please contact us directly.

  5. Public discussions and submission of user information.
    NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED is not responsible for any content. You have made a presentation in the area. (Including the forum. Every page of a chat room site or any public area. Any content (whether sent by you or other users) is not supported, reviewed or approved by us. NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED reserves the right to decide solely on the deletion. Content you submit or post without notice. If we see that, or judge whether there is a possibility you may. The intent is to include, but not limited to, the following intentions:

      • Text or content that destroys reputation, libel, slander, threaten, reproach Or violate the rights of other users or third parties.
      • The presentation, dissemination of information or content presented as pornographic or unlawful.
      • Publishing or uploading files containing viruses. Files that result in unusual behavior or software or programs. This may cause damage to the operation of NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED and / or computer systems. Including third-party systems.
      • Messages or content that violates the copyright trademark Violations of Thai or international law, including intellectual property infringement by NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED or third parties.
      • Presenting messages or content that is marketing or sales support intended to influence business.

  6. Membership

    The NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED Village website is not available to users under the age of 18 who are outside of our target audience. Or a member who has been deprived of NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED . Each user is allowed to have only one user account. Violation of the foregoing may result in suspension of the account.

    Company NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED may offer promotions from time to time and from these special promotions, if any user won the prize. (To be a special gift, gift card, coupon, or other benefit) from NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED, but with multiple subscriptions. Or use multiple emails. Any false information or fraudulent activity will be disqualified. From the activities we prepared and may be subject to civil or criminal law as provided.

    Your use of the NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED Web Site is subject to the lawful age of your agreement to do so, and not to any person who has been suspended under the laws of Thailand or other jurisdictions and if NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED has made a request. You agree to provide your information truthfully and truthfully. Find the information you provide false, incorrect or incomplete NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED has the right to suspend the right to be a temporary member. Or cancel your membership and decline membership for future use. You are solely responsible for maintaining your account name and password confidential. You agree to be responsible for any actions. It is under the name of your user account.

  7. Cancellation caused by mistake.

    NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED has every right to cancel an order at any time. If the error is caused by a typographical error or a failure that is not anticipated. As a result, mistakes in product placement on the site. It’s not the wrong price. In case the order is canceled and you have already paid, NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED will refund the full price of the item.

  8. Inappropriate use

    You agree not to use NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED’s Web Site to post or post any content or messages. It is against the law, intimidation, harassment, intentional destruction of reputation, libel, vulgarity, threatening sexual orientation, sexual orientation. Aggressive racism makes others offensive, blasphemous, obscene Or any violation of law. If you have submitted or posted any content or messages, including any images mentioned above, to NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED or any third party. Damaged due to your content or information. Whether directly or indirectly. You must be responsible for the damage. Including liabilities Damages and expenses incurred by NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED or third parties.

  9. Warranty

    In no event shall NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED warrant the guarantee (whether express or implied). Your personal information and company Or the media or information transmitted through our system.

  10. Disclaimer

    NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED strongly disclaims any liability for any damages. Include damage. Losses and expenses incurred. (Whether direct, indirect or consequential). Or expenses incurred for any reason. This may cause you or a third party. (Including your company), as well as the results may be due to access to and work on the Site, any information that appears on the Website. Your personal information or company information. The content and information that is transmitted through our system. Specifically, NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED Or any third party or data or content provider is not responsible for any By law to you or to any other person. To any company or organization that suffers losses. Damage costs (whether directly or as a result of), physical injury, or any cost. Of the delay Inaccuracy, error, or lack of price information. Broadcasting, any act of trust or from coincidence Or from reasons of inefficiency.

  11. Compensation

    Users agree that they will not demand and enforce NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED (or employees, executives, producers, subsidiaries, joint ventures And legal partners) are responsible for any costs or claims. INCLUDING NEGOTIATIONS ARISING OUT OF, AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, EXPENSES, DAMAGES AND AMOUNT ARISING FROM BREACH OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS or any action. User account accounts due to negligence or wrongdoing.

  12. Website Usage

    NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED does not endorse or guarantee that any content appearing on the Website is suitable for use in other jurisdictions. (Outside of the United Kingdom) when you visit the website. You agree and warrant to NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED you have the legal right to do so, and to use the information contained on our website.

  13. General
    • The terms of service of NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED.co.th are all inclusive and between you and NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED. Your access to our site is yours and NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED is not bonded. Or expressly implied, either express or implied, or any contract not otherwise provided herein. Unless specifically mentioned. The terms and conditions of our website are in place of and in place of the previous release of the responsibility agreement. Whether written or oral, it is. You are responsible for reviewing and reviewing the latest edition every time you visit the site.
    • Changes NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED changes may change. Modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. We accept the latest Terms and Conditions when you visit our site. You are obliged to comply with the latest terms and conditions. (“Recent editions”) and will assume the current edition replaces the previous one. Other than that, it is listed in the current issue. You are responsible for checking the current version each time you access the site.
    • Conflicts in case of conflict between the terms and conditions of the website. Other terms and conditions, whether policy or announcement. Or other terms and conditions, policies or other relevant notices. The use of any part of the site. The terms and conditions, policies, or notices contained in the relevant sections of this section shall be deemed to be specific.
    • Waiver, waiver, or extension of time by you or NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED . It is not a waiver or a cap on the current or future rights of the licensor. Whether it is legal or not, Except when the waiver is made in writing and is signed Of the person having sufficient authority from the party authorizing the denunciation.
    • Holding NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED ‘s rights is entitled to waive, assign or assign all rights and obligations. It is in terms of terms of service. Policies and Notices Related to any agent or third party.
    • Void partially Terms and conditions, policies and notices, whether incorporated or linked, may be enforced separately. If there are any terms or conditions, policies, or notices that can not enforce applicable law. Be it from an invalid, unlawful or unlawful Or for any other reason. If the court or jurisdiction that can not be enforced. It will be treated like that. Was not written before Terms, Conditions and Policies, Other Relevant Statements This contract is still in full force and effect.
    • Applicable Law Terms and Conditions All related notices are governed by the laws of Thailand. It does not apply to conflicting legal principles. You accept absolute arbitration from the Supreme Court of Thailand. Whether in terms of any disputes. The occurrence associated with the site. Terms and conditions, policies, statements, or matters. Relevant or interconnected.
    • Comments or questions If you have any questions, comments, concerns caused by the site. Privacy Policy Or terms and conditions, policies, and notices or guidelines for managing your personal information. Please contact us immediately.

  14. Termination

    You agree to these terms and conditions when accessing the Site and / or when registering for membership. Or when ordering. All terms and conditions May be adjusted or canceled by NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED without the need for clarification or notice. Any terms or conditions Related to copyright Disclaimer Claims Claims Restrictions Legal Execution Arbitration and General Arbitration will remain in effect after the termination.

  15. Credits

    (Not yet enabled), friend suggestions and rewards program Including other benefits. It is NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED ‘s sole and exclusive remedy to terminate the Service, including all or part of the Reward Points, for any reason. Either permanent or permanent The Company may withdraw, limit, change, or reduce the amount of credit required for special offers related to the referral program and the Rewards program. To subscribe to NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED.co.th you agree to the terms of the agreement. Referral program and rewards program are not responsible for paying your or third party for any change or cancellation of the program.

  16. Privacy

    Respect for your privacy.
    NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED respects the privacy of your information (“name, address, telephone number, email, etc.”) and NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED understands that you wish to receive maximum security. In the transaction through the NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED’s website. So information You have received the NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED. In principle, it will be used for the purpose. Of yours only NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED will take strict security measures as well as prevent any unauthorized use. The information was used without your permission.

    Disclosure to third parties
    You have the right to privacy of your information. NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED will not permit the disclosure of your account except NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED’s authorized employees, affiliates, and third parties authorized by you to access your information. This will prevent your information from being used without your permission.

    • NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED has your consent.
    • Such information is provided to enable you to make the requested transaction.
    • Provides information to the NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED Carrier.
    • When Peaches need to disclose information, you are legally required. For the purpose of investigation or trial.
    • Disclosure of Information You are legally required to do so. Or by order of the relevant governmental agency

      The information you receive from NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED. May be used to improve the design and marketing of NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED’s services and related products. However, NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED warrants that your personal information is treated confidentially and is subject to high security standards. In addition, NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED reserves the right to use your personal information. Used in analysis Information at any time. And if there is any correction. As a result of this analysis, NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED will include the revised information on NATURAL HEALTH FOODS LIMITED’s website



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